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Issue No. 12

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"Retro Cool"

Kitchens & Yearbook
Volume No. 18 (Dec 2013)

A stylish blast from the past, this retro kitchen is full of personality. The client asked for a modern take on the retro kitchen, something cool and funky to complement the house and the area. The Mint interiors in-house design team worked closely with the client to design this delightful space, their pastel hues balanced by the crisp-white Corian benchtop. Small details such as the rounded corner shelves under the the bench stir memories of grandma’s kitchen, while the freestanding oven range warms this modern room with echoes of the past. Underneath the retro looks are the best of modern appliances and fittings. In every way, this kitchen masters a mix of old and new to create a stylish and inviting space.
 Retro Cool